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In its effort to disseminate geospatial data to the public, the City-Parish first released the Internet Property Finder in January 2004. The online property search tool was one of the first, if not the first such web application of its kind in the State of Louisiana. It was recognized by community leaders and organizations such as the American Planning Association and American Society of Landscape Architects. In July 2012, the City-Parish redesigned and branded the site with the release of eBRmap. This update builds on the successes of the former and includes many enhancements. The wealth of geospatial data that is stored in the enterprise GIS data repository is available for viewing, and the data is refreshed on a weekly basis.

By default, the base map legend will automatically load, but users have the ability to switch legends by selecting the desired map theme from the Legend drop-down menu. Users can toggle legend entries, thus defining the map display based on their preferences. The redesigned mapping application also incorporates the Historic Land Development (HLD) information which was previously contained in a separate web site.

Please be advised that the Adobe® Flash® Player plug-in is necessary to operate the mapping interface. Also, feel free to notify the City-Parish Department of Information Services or the City-Parish Planning Commission if any issues occur while using eBRmap. A user guide is available by clicking the "Help" link on the web page.

The City-Parish provides this information in good faith with no warranty and does not accept any liability arising from incorrect, incomplete or misleading information or improper use. This information presented by the City-Parish is intended to serve only as a reference for researching property; and takes no legal responsibility for its accuracy. The users of the online GIS web application are advised not to rely solely on the information reflected on the maps. Users are encouraged to submit their questions and comments by sending an email to The Geographic Information System (GIS) web site is an essential component of the City-Parish e-Government initiative and public information program.